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Dear Charles, Thank you for all that you did to help with the sale of 1309. What an endeavor. I can only begin to imagine the hours that you devoted to help make it all happen. You are a fine person with a giving heart - you've gained additional stars in your crown. From Meagan and me, you have our eternal gratitude.

- Sincerely, Nancy Delamar

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Thank you for everything, the kitchen looks awesome. We have received lots of compliments. We are amazed at the great detail. Thank you too for allowing net 30 for the last payment. Please use me as a reference or come by and take pictures like we had discussed prior. Thanks again, you made this painless! P. S. Please let Jimmy and Santini know what a great job they did. Everyone Marvels!
- Thank You, Mike Selig

We want to express our thanks and gratitude to you, Jim, Randy and the rest of the staff at C/M for all your hard work on our house this week. Although we were extremely disappointed to find the damage that had been done, we have found great comfort in your attentiveness and responsiveness.
We look forward to working with you on the completion of this project and we thank you for all that you have already done.
- Sincerely, Adria and Walter Kimbrough

Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new paint job. I am impressed with how professional the young men were and how hard they tried to fulfill my wishes.
Mr. Holland spent a lot of time trying to find the exact color I wanted, and he did find the perfect shade. My roof is fixed, my ceilings are no longer stained and my living room is clean, warm and inviting.
-Yours Truly, Sherry Sherwood

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of Quapaw Quarter with our friends, Laurie & Willie Brown. It made their evening and mine very special and so are you!
- Dorothy Dutton

Dear Jim,
I really do not know how to respond to the experience we have had with your company. Never before have we seen such quality work done by quality people. Usually, when a project is completed you are left thinking the work could have been done differently or quicker or something is not up to your standards. Not the case here. It was an honor for us to have you in town to restore a building the town holds close to our hearts. Jim King and his crew became somewhat of celebrities with all the attention they were getting.
In our vision were two beautiful wooden doors with the remainder of his grant money; but it looks like we are about $15,000! Our vision did not match our funds. Little did we know. Funds are hard to raise right now in this economical depressed area. But rest assured, if a piece of the pie falls from the sky, we know the company to call.
On the brighter side, the discount you gave by not charging for the painting of the lower cornice will certainly help us complete a smaller project with the remainder of the grant.
Again, thanks for giving us a taste of the best and doing what you could to helop us here in Dumas.
- Sincerely, Jann Farmer