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Dear Charles, Thank you for all that you did to help with the sale of 1309. What an endeavor. I can only begin to imagine the hours that you devoted to help make it all happen. You are a fine person with a giving heart - you've gained additional stars in your crown. From Meagan and me, you have our eternal gratitude.

- Sincerely, Nancy Delamar

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Painting and Finishing

From matching existing paint color to finely stained customized or faux finishes, our tradesmen set the standard in craftsmanship. We can also work to repair, change or restore a damaged finish on a variety of surfaces. Our in-house team of skilled painters works quickly and cleanly. We can easily take care of plaster or wall repair that might be necessary before a new paint application and we always use the best quality materials in our painting or finishing projects. We have worked with our painters for many years and hold their work to a high standard.


The CM Construction painting crew has an excellent reputation for exterior finishing. Our painting crew is sought out for exterior projects because of the quality of our preparation and finishes. Our paint jobs are known for long lasting results and our painters make sure our client properties remain neat and clean during the painting process. We are certified in lead paint removal and abatement and are especially mindful of working around the elderly, children, pets and those with respiratory problems.


Interior painting and finishing projects are treated with care because many of our clients live in the home as work is being done. Our painters are adept at textured surfaces and drywall and plaster repair. Or, if you need a faux or specialty finish, we can consult and assist with specialized projects.