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Dear Charles, Thank you for all that you did to help with the sale of 1309. What an endeavor. I can only begin to imagine the hours that you devoted to help make it all happen. You are a fine person with a giving heart - you've gained additional stars in your crown. From Meagan and me, you have our eternal gratitude.

- Sincerely, Nancy Delamar

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Special Building Projects

With many years experience in the construction and restoration industry, we have been approached to work on a number of unique projects. We've built a historically accurate 1869 detached kitchen structure, we rebuilt a 1950s Sexton's Cottage into a pleasing Gothic Revival structure that better suits its surroundings and installed new and repaired antique iron fencing. We restored a family’s treasured log cabin. We rebuilt the main load-bearing truss in a 1923 church, forty-six feet long and six feet high. We are pleased to keep a wide variety of unusual projects in our portfolio.

Metal and Ironwork

We can handle a wide assortment of metal repair and restoration—from art objects to door hardware and décor items. We do our very best to return your metal work as close to it’s original state as possible. We can install and repair both new and old iron fencing.

Lighting Restoration

We can take care of all your lighting needs: lamp and chandelier repair, lighting design and consultation, antique reproduction and/ or replication. We can help you determine what kind of lighting you need in your home, locate and install it as well.


From tiled fountain designs to single tile replacements, we have skilled tradesmen to take care of the tile projects we encounter. We also work with an antique tile reproduction company so we can recreate just about any tile to original specifications.

Masonry and Brickwork

We have worked with our brick masons for many years. We can help you design your project, whether you need to repair an existing chimney flue or create a stone pathway or an outdoor fireplace, we can assist you. We are also skilled in brick restoration and work on a variety of brick exteriors.

Decorative Art Glass

We are thrilled to have a glass artist as a resource when projects require his specialized services. He can design, create and install stained and leaded glass windows and other decorative glass or antique objects as needed.

Stone Refurbishment

Many times even the most solid surfaces become damaged or worn. We have experience resurfacing and refurbishing many different natural stone surfaces.