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Dear Charles, Thank you for all that you did to help with the sale of 1309. What an endeavor. I can only begin to imagine the hours that you devoted to help make it all happen. You are a fine person with a giving heart - you've gained additional stars in your crown. From Meagan and me, you have our eternal gratitude.

- Sincerely, Nancy Delamar

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Kitchens and Bathrooms

We excel in creating customized kitchens and bathrooms; the two rooms remodeled most. If your kitchen or bathroom is out-of-date, we can help you create a modern kitchen or luxurious bath that is appropriate for your home. We can design and create one-of-a-kind cabinetry and millwork, update and install new appliances, restore or refinish wooden floors and design and lay unique tile floors. Whatever your kitchen or bathroom needs, we can help. We have our own craftsmen and in-house plumbing department which means our jobs get done more efficiently and expertly.

Historically, the kitchen was a place where meals were prepared. It was busy and hot, a room that wasn't initially part of the social household. Modern living has changed the kitchen. Large, open kitchens with ample family space are more desirous now. Whether carefully removing walls and installing support beams or columns, building custom cabinets, counters, and islands, or designing wet bars, wine racks, and well-apportioned storage areas, we can make your kitchen the heart of the home. We are well versed in specialty appliances, countertop surfaces, lighting, faucets, hardware, and flooring options. We work with a variety of architects and designers that are available should the project demand.

CM Construction works with our clients to create a relaxing, luxurious space perfect for their lifestyle. Whether it's a trendy and modern bathroom or a bathroom update with efficient, yet period-appropriate fixtures, we can do it. We are skilled at the creative use of space and can discretely move walls, plumbing, or doors to give you room and the access you desire.