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Dear Charles, Thank you for all that you did to help with the sale of 1309. What an endeavor. I can only begin to imagine the hours that you devoted to help make it all happen. You are a fine person with a giving heart - you've gained additional stars in your crown. From Meagan and me, you have our eternal gratitude.

- Sincerely, Nancy Delamar

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Adding a hardwood floor, bamboo flooring, cork tile, or repairing and restoring an original wooden floor can add significant beauty to a structure. We can restore, refinish and, when necessary, install new wood flooring in your home or building. Our experience isn't limited to wooden flooring. We are skilled in all manner of surface materials including tile and laminate flooring. We work with different flooring and tile suppliers and a premier antique tile reproduction manufacturer.


With hundreds of flooring options to choose from and with so many changes and improvements in designs, construction and installation, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right flooring option. Let us help you determine what kind of flooring will work best for your space and lifestyle. Whether you choose a style of wood flooring or prefer tile or laminate, our crew of professionals will install your flooring in a timely manner.

Repair and Refinishing

Most people are delighted to find wood floors under out-of-date carpeting. Too often, the condition of those floors isn't always top notch. CM Construction can help you decide the best route to take to bring new life to your existing floors, including wood, tile or natural stone. We can replace single damaged tiles or entire sections. Our team works quickly and professionally to make sure your floor will look good and be long lasting.